Line of Business


  • Expanded bead internal foam molding –
    Eperan Expanded polyethylene (EPE)
    Eperan PP Expanded polypropylene (EPP)

Eperan and Eperan PP*, developed by Kaneka Corporation, are the EPE and EPP produced with a bead expansion process that have outstanding cushioning characteristics. Internal molding allows a wide variety of shapes. EPE works with Kaneka for supply and quality control of molded products. It also operates its molding factories in China and Thailand.

  • Manufacturing of expanded resin products – Eperan plates, expanded laminated sheets,extruded PE, expanded PP sheets

Cutting, blanking, heat sealing and other methods allow production of complicated shapes in small batch without using an expensive die.

  • Expanded polystyrol molded products
  • Vacuum-molded products
  • Carton boxes, folded pads, tote boxes

Eperan cushioning materials

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Molded products

*Eperan and Eperan PP are registered trademarks of Kamegafuchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
(Kamegafuchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. changed its name to Kaneka Corporation on September 1 2004.)