Environmental Commitment/ISO Certification

Environmental Policy

EPE Corporation headquarters (including TRICONE Sales Corporation and EPE International Corporation) through all their operational activities and with the recognition of their effects on the environment, are actively committed to the effective use of resources, to prevention of environmental pollution, and in making a concerted effort to continuously enhance environmental conservation toward the harmonious relationship with the global environment and local community.

  1. Complying with environmental regulations and ordinances issued by national and local governments, industrial requirements, and RoHS and other environmental legislation required by customers, as well as making an effort for the harmonious relationship with the global environment and prevention of pollution with the establishment of their voluntary management standards.
  2. To reduce impact of operational activities on the environment and to contribute to realization of "cyclical society", while taking into consideration technical and economic conditions, placing emphasis on:
    • Accelerating reuse of resources
    • Reducing wastes
    • Reducing energy consumption
  3. Making a continuous effort to improve the environment by setting and reviewing our environmental objectives/goals
  4. Eliminating any environmental loading materials from all the products and services produced by EPE
  5. Enhancing understanding and awareness of all the employees of the corporate environmental policy and environment through environmental education and PR activities
  6. Disclosing this environmental policy upon request from outsiders

April 30 2012
Keita Yamashiro
Chief executive officer
EPE Corporation headquarter, TRICONE Sales Corporation and EPE International Corporation